Vegan Alive

If you haven’t had the opportunity to view this yet, please do. This little boy is beyond cute and knows more about LIFE than most adults.

Must see! Horrible what circus elephants must endure…. 

I feel so helpless….

Unless she dies prematurely from injury or disease, every single American dairy cow will get her throat cut…. every single cow…. every single throat… cut

What’s Hiding In Your Produce?

Many consumers are aware that conventionally farmed fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides to thwart critters, but do you know how many of those harmful chemicals remain after your food leaves the field? The Environmental Working Group has released its Dirty Dozen list, and their findings are shocking. Pesticides pop up on everything from celery to blueberries.

Want to know more? Read on to find out exactly how many pesticides researchers found in foods that likely have a place in your refrigerator. And remember: If you want to steer clear of these worrisome chemicals, the answer is simple. Buy organic.

Steve O became a vegan in a bid to get saved



The prankster and stuntman gave up drugs and meat after a stint in rehab and he admits the decision to become a vegan was more spiritual than health-related.

The star tells, “I was doing so many drugs that I literally started hearing voices. I considered the voices my spirit friends, and they were telling me to kill myself. Some of them were nasty characters, but other ones told me they were worried about me… One of them told me I was going to have to answer for s**t.

"One time I did something particularly nasty - I tried to really hurt someone’s feelings with a text message. I heard a voice in my right ear say, ‘You’re going to have to answer for that’. Later I came across a YouTube video where this Krishna consciousness guy in India was talking about how it’s difficult for Westerners to be saved because there’s such little respect for life on the planet.

"This guy said, ‘How can you expect to be saved if you eat meat?’ I put that together with the voices I was hearing and I became afraid of having some kind of spiritual punishment."

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